NALUG at the Great Edmonton Train Show

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- September 2008

Airport | Boomtown | BrainTrain | Crossing | Mountain | Seaport | Town | Winter 

This year, the folks organizing the NALUG entry at GETS were less email-oriented than in past years, so we don't have quite as much information to present. The layout was in the form of a cross:

This form of the TDL file shows the break-out of the layout into tables. Laz's winter scene at the left is on tables that Laz already has, and cannot easily be broken into smaller portions. The horizontal area coming from it is where Chris's cliff/mountain appears - over top of the shown tracks. Note that we did not actually connect the winter scene to the rest of the layout, so the tracks coming from the left simply looped around instead. This avoided extensive modifications to scenery in the winter scene.

Jason D & Ian's seaport section to the right is not shown with any track on it, but it had a separate loop as well as the loop going under the cliff/mountain. The bottom section is where Boomtown was located, along with Rob's airport to the right of it. Drew's multi-level cross section sits in the middle, and the pair of long tables above that slope down to the yard area, and contain "Slope Town".

An overview video can be found on YouTube.

Airport Boomtown
Brain Train Middle Crossing
Cliff/Mountain Seaport
Slope Town Winter Scene

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