The Alberta Legislature Building in LEGO

Members of the Northern Alberta LEGO Users Group
constructed the LEGO Legislature during Alberta's Centennial Year

The Alberta Legislative Building is located in Edmonton, Canada

Number of pieces: About 120,000 genuine LEGO parts
Size of scale model: 10 feet wide and 7 feet deep
Designed by: John Koob and Chris Gray
Constructed by: Chris Gray and John Koob
Construction assistants: NALUG members and guests

Model Pictures: Overview | Wings | Portico | Dome | Minifig | Real 
Construction Pictures: Wing | Dome |

Photo Albums of the "Legoslature" at GETS 2005

Overview of the LEGO Legislature
Pictures of the Walls and Wings
Pictures of the Main Portico
Pictures of the Main Dome
Views from a Minifig Perspective
Compare with the Real Legislature
"Legoslature" Construction Pictures
Construction of the Wings
Construction of the Dome
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