NALUG at the Great Edmonton Train Show

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- September 15-16, 2012

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Amusement Park City Buildings "Gasoline Alley" Train Yard
Resort Details Resort Downtown Lake Area Rural Resort Areas
Overview Highlights Details Windfarm, Golf Course, etc.
GETS Setup Social Track Plan

If you look in some of the pictures, you can see that we didn't exactly follow the track plan. We added a loop, and moved stuff around to make room. We also accidentally connected one of the DCC loops with an analog loop, and ran that way for all of the first day of the show - didn't seem to hurt anything, but we put in a piece of plastic track to isolate them for the second day.

News Item

This picture is from the Edmonton Journal, Saturday September 22, 2012:


Ian's YouTube videos are the easiest to access. They are:

Overview Jason's 101 piece train

These two videos are on this (slow) server:

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