Misericordia Hospital in Lego

Constructed by:Donald B. Parnell
Construction dates:January 2004 to September 2005
Number of pieces:About 15,000 genuine LEGO parts
Scale of model:1:40
Special thanks to:Don's family
Builder's Comments:Model was rebuilt 3 times
Original building:Historical Information

Historical Information

The Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton, Canada was officially opened by the Sisters of Edmonton on June 1, 1906. Additions were made in 1923 and 1940, resulting in a capacity of 440 beds and 69 bassinets. In 1972, the original hospital, which was modelled by Donald Parnell in Lego, was torn down. Its replacement, with 555 beds and 100 bassinets, had opened on December 6, 1969. The original had an estimated cost of $55,000, but its replacement cost $21 million.

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