Edmonton's Hotel MacDonald in LEGO

A LEGO model of a historic hotel in downtown Edmonton, Canada

Number of pieces: About 50,000 genuine LEGO parts
Size of scale model: 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep
Designed by: Al Pankratz
Constructed by: Al Pankratz
Construction assistants: NALUG members (full credits)

Model Pictures:   Overview | Details | Minifig 

Photo Albums of the Hotel MacDonald at GETS 2005

Overview of the LEGO Hotel

Detailed Hotel Pictures
Views from a Minifig Perspective

A Brief History of the Real MacDonald Hotel

The Hotel Macdonald was constructed by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad, starting in 1912, and completing in 1915. It was named after Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister. The building stands on reinforced concrete, has a steel frame, and is faced with limestone from Indiana. On its July 5, 1915 opening, single rooms, with hot and cold running water but no bathroom, went for $2.00. A private bath added $1.00, and a room for a couple was $4.00.

The "Mac" was closed in 1983 by the Canadian National Railroad, and sold to the Canadian Pacific Hotel and Resort chain for $260 million. After extensive renovations, including more limestone from Indiana, the hotel was re-opened on May 10, 1991. The Mac is one of Edmonton's landmarks and has over the years hosted royalty, rock groups, sports figures and your everyday Joe.

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