GETS 2001

On September 22 and 23, NALUG set up a LEGO train layout at the Great Edmonton Train Show. NALUG also organized a children's play area, which was located near the NALUG layout and contained LEGO bricks and track donated by The LEGO Company.

Layout setup began in the afternoon on September 21, and lasted until 10:00pm. The first task was to transport all of the materials to the Mayfield Inn Trade Center. This included the old white-and-green wooden tables, the new tables with folding legs, ladders, chairs, rope, rope barrier posts, concrete-filled barrier post buckets, rope, skirting for the tables, extension cords, and tape. The tables took about ninety minutes to assemble and move into the correct location.

In terms of Lego, transportation was not a simple matter. James elected to transport most of his mountain in one piece. It was built on a low table and required careful unloading. John needed help in disassembling his crane and transporting it in two large sections. Chris built a 3-foot building that acted as a base for the crane. Michel brought numerous bins of rolling stock, a working funicular (cogwheel inclined railcar) for the mountain, and great farm buildings. Kevin built a great apartment building for the town. Raven built an historical tavern out of an amazing number of tan bricks. Adam, the Jasons, and others built other town buildings, including a restaurant with a classic space theme. In between setting up everything else, John and Michel got an automated roundhouse to work.

James' show pictures include a map of the entire layout, and multiple views of the mountain, farm, town, yard. Short movies of some of the automated creations can be found in this collection. Also shown are photos of the truck fire that caused an evacuation of the trade center.

Steve's show pictures include general layout images. There is a link to a movie of a cargo train crossing the trestle bridge. You can also see a photo of Michel's red barn.

Chris' show pictures include many views of the entire layout as well as close-ups of the buildings and roundhouse. This is the only place to find photos of transportation efforts, show setup, and Chris' large Megabloks building. Chris also took some pictures of the layouts at Fort Edmonton Park.

John's show pictures focus mainly on his Technic crane. He took numerous photos before transporting it to the show in case some disaster occurred. (Well, there was a fire). There are a few shots of the crane with the trainshow crowd in the background.

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