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Telus is the current name of the local telephone company (it used to be AGT - Alberta Government Telephones). They have also merged with BCTel (British Columbia Telephone). They now sponsor the science center here in the city of Edmonton. It has gone through a few names, including "The Odysseum", but is now known as "Telus World of Science", or TWOS.

TWOS has many operating displays that let children learn about science. There are several separate display rooms that can be used for short-term displays. One gallery has a Canadarm (the mechanical arm used on the NASA space shuttle) hanging from the ceiling. The city's first iMax theatre is at TWOS.

In 2006 TWOS contacted NALUG about possibly working with them to add LEGO stuff to some upcoming exhibits. NALUG was busy working on the displays for the Royal Alberta Museum, and had just finished GETS 2006, but we were interested in working with TWOS. As could be expected, what we ended up doing was quite a bit different from what was initially discussed.

There were 3 main phases of the displays we did. Each was about 3 months long, during 2007. The first exhibit was about dinosaurs. The second exhibit was about the ancient world, Egypt in particular. The third exhibit wasn't really historical, but it was the one where NALUG got the most space and the most participation - it was a Star Wars exhibit.

There were also other activities going on for us. For example, our model of the Alberta Legislature was in the main lobby at TWOS for about 6 months. It was there that it was seen by the Speaker of the Alberta Legislature, and so was able to eventually end up in a display case within the legislature complex. TWOS also had a collection of loose LEGO parts which allowed kids to build race cars and race them down an electronically timed speed ramp.

Dinosaurs Ancient World Star Wars

These weren't ours, but they were pretty!

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