NALUG Membership

Since NALUG is a pretty informal organization, its difficult to say who is currently a member and who isn't! Essentially, everyone who has requested membership at some point in time and has not requested to be removed, or fallen out of touch, is on the following list. Some have web pages ready to be linked to, others don't.

Name/URL eBay/Bricklink LEGO® Focus
James B   Castle
Jonathan B   Trains, Town, Star Ships
Raven B   Castle, Pirates, Star Wars
Gary C   Trains
Steve C eBay: $RC Trains, Star Wars
Jason D   Trains
Ron E   Space, personal memories
Jeremy F   Castle
Andrew F Bricklink: Bricklord's T. Chest Trains, Town, SW, Castle
Chris G   LotR, Hobbit, Creator, Big Exclusives
Mike G   City, Technical, Transportation
Dean H    
Andrew H   Star Wars, Town, Space, Castle, Znap
Kolin H   Star Wars
Drew K   Technic, Castle
John K eBay: activematrix Technic, Trains, Classic Space
Jason K   Town, Star Wars
Colin L   Space, Town
Albert L   Technic, Trains, Classic Star Wars
Nadine L   Most everything
Michel M   Trains, Town
Kevin M   Trains
Chris M   Space
Joriz Manabo Kristopher Manabo Creative Designs, MOCs, techniques
Blaine M eBay: GeekRitualist Technic, Mindstorms (Robots)
Mark N    
Jay N    
Kirsten O   Friends, City
Al P   Castle
Don P   Replica buildings and historical sites
Cory P Bricklink: LLC Brickland Star Wars, UCS
Chris P   Space, Castle, Town
Bob P    
Ian R   Technic, Mindstorms
Laszlo S   Bridges and Large Scale Projects
Tim S   Everything
Ley W    
Jon W   "everything"
Fred W    
Collyn Z eBay: Odyssey_king Basic brick, Minifigs, MOCs

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