NALUG's Ongoing Display in Londonderry Mall

Starting in 2009 NALUG had the use of a store on the main floor of Londonderry Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. The space was needed for Christmas stuff, so we had to leave in early November, but we hope to be back after Christmas. We had the store open Saturday afternoons, and also on the afternoons of holiday Mondays. We used the space to display lots of kits and custom models that various group members have assembled. We also used it for train layouts, including those being prepared for our annual showing at the Great Edmonton Train Show.

The pictures and movies shown here are from Saturday, September 5, 2009 - which was a couple of weeks before the 2009 GETS show. Stuff was coming together, but there was still work to do. Sorry about some of the pictures being a bit blurry - I was in a hurry.

Exterior View

Here is what you saw as you approached the store. To the left is one end of Laz's winter scene, which has been used for a few displays. He was awaiting his new FireHall set to add to the town portion. Al's new castle can be seen on top of the mountain. To the right you see Andrew's huge Enbridge building, behind the glass.

Interior Pictures

Laz's St. Joe's
Winter Scene, right end
Winter Scene, town
Winter Scene, towards the left end
Winter Scene, left end view
Winter Scene, left end

Michel's boat ride under test
Design experiments for store-front sign
Andrew's tower and John's office building
John's office building
Towards the town end of the layout
Town, showing some of Michel's trains, Michel's Strathcona station, Tony's school behind that, John's warehouse, Al's bank, Michel's Princess Theatre, houses, etc.

The back of Chris G's motel, and some of the sets, MOCs and boxes on display
Longer view of the same side
The coal mine, under the weird store thing
Chris G's "cow slope" (no cows or fences yet)
Kolin's Star Wars display
John's "Flying Chairs" ride

Where the amusement park is going
Historical LEGO Trains display - mostly Andrew's
Rob's airport
Power plant side of Michel's train rig
Andrew's windmill, and back of town
More models, and members hard at work

More models, and members still hard at work
Star Wars ships hanging from ceiling
Another view of the back of the town
Andrew's windmill, Chris G's water tower and "cow slope"
Chris G's motel


Trains on Laz's Winter Scene

Trains going around the town

Elevator in John's office building

Minifig-eye view of a long train

John's "Flying Chairs" ride

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