Final Display Pictures

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If you are trying to read the signs, they say:
Alberta Legislature Building
Model designed and constructed by: John Koob and Chris Gray
Number of LEGO pieces: 120,000
Construction dates: May 2005 - Sep 2005, Aug 2006 - Nov 2006
Scale of building: 1:40
Special thanks to: Michel Magnan
Thanks to other NALUG members: Rob Bannerman, Nadine Leenders, Chantal Magnan, Stephane Magnan, Chris Perron, Laszlo Szojka, John Warrington
Other contributors: Donald Reble, Roel van der Goot, Sue Ann Ung
Display case designed and provided by: Royal Alberta Museum
History - The Alberta Legislature - built in the ornate Beaux Arts style popular between 1895 and 1920 - is characterized by a symmetrical plan with a large central dome above a rotunda with massive columns supporting the main portico. Construction began in 1907 but was not completed even by the time of the official opening in 1912. It was designed by Rhode Island architect Allan Merrick Jeffers, and the final cost of the 34.1 metre high building was $2 million.
NALUG - the Northern Alberta LEGO Users Group is an informal association of adult hobbyists in the Edmonton area. NALUG is a non-profit group that formed in 1999 to promote LEGO as an adult hobby in the community.

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