NALUG Display in Grandin Mall

One of NALUG's members, Laz, has an office in Grandin Mall in Saint Albert. That mall usually has unused storefront space. So, Laz worked out a deal where he could use a store there for NALUG display and storage space. These pictures were taken in early November, 2012, just after Laz had cleaned the windows. Laz has to clean them off every couple of weeks, since they accumulate a lot of finger-and-nose-prints from small observers.

The display has varied over the years. Currently it highlights Laz's model of "St. Joes" on the University of Alberta campus, the resort section that he had at GETS 2012, and two of Andrew's large models of downtown Edmonton buildings. Hmm. Andrew - you OK with your buildings on those rickity tables? :-)

The store isn't open to the public (that would require insurance and people there to man it), but since Laz works nearby, special requests can be handled.

Views through the windows

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