NALUG Contact Information

For more information about NALUG, or if you would like to become a member, send us an email. New members are asked to submit a brief description of their involvement in the Lego hobby.

NALUG is an informal club, and an email list is the one of the main means of communication among club members. There are no regularly scheduled get-togethers or meetings, but these do occur whenever projects are on the go or drafts are organized. There is no organization within the group, other than someone being the main organizer for each show or display we do.

A privately run site, LUGNET contains many resources for Lego® fans, including a news server with many newsgroups. They even have regional newsgroups, including one for us. NALUG discussions are usually done within a private email list, but posts are occasionally made to the NALUG newsgroup on LUGNET.

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