Capilano Mall - Feb 17, 2003

Nalug was contacted by a representative of the Capilano Mall here in Edmonton, about doing a display at the mall on Family Day (a one-day February holiday here in Alberta). After a bit of talking, we decided to go ahead with it. The main ideas were to have a castle display done by James and Raven, and a Star Wars Hoth display done by Joe. We later added the idea of smaller side displays, including one of several ISD's. With more work than some of us had counted on, the display went off. Attendance was good, considering there was almost no publicity. The visitors were in general quite enthusiastic about what we had done.

John's excellent pictures can be found together here.

Steve's early pictures, including the side displays are here.

Al's pictures are here.

I've split the pictures of the display into three sections. One contains pictures of James and Raven's castle, one contains pictures of Joe's AT-AT walker, and one contains pictures of John and Chris's rebel base and Joe's shield generator.

Some Miscellaneous Shots
View of the AT-AT's feet out of the base doors
View of the AT-AT over the shield generator
View of the side table of ISDs

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