About the Northern Albert LEGO® Users Group (NALUG)

The Northern Alberta LEGO® Users Group (NALUG) is an informal group of adults in and around the City of Edmonton. NALUG was founded in 1999 to promote LEGO® as an adult hobby in the local community. NALUG has organized several LEGO® train displays at model train shows in Alberta and Saskatchewan and other exhibits in local museums and shopping malls. NALUG is a diverse group of enthusiasts from a broad range of occupations. Club members plan exhibits through email and meet informally to assemble models. Individuals privately own the hundreds of thousands of LEGO® parts that are used in the exhibits. To build custom models and large structures, NALUG members purchase parts from other adult fans of LEGO® all over the world.

About the international community of adult fans of LEGO®

During the past decade, adults worldwide have discovered or rediscovered the joy of building with Lego. Adult LEGO® clubs have been founded in many large urban centers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Enthusiasts are attracted by the fact that all LEGO® parts sold since 1958 are interchangeable. Intricate models can be built without the use of special equipment, glues or paint. Some hobbyists focus on collecting rare sets while others accumulate parts in large quantities. More information about the LEGO® hobby can be found at www.lugnet.com. A photo archive of custom models created by LEGO® fans can be accessed at www.brickshelf.com.

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