NALUG at the Red Deer Model Train & Hobby Show

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada -- November 24-25, 2012

Four NALUG members braved the 100 mile drive in the cold and snow to put on a display at the Red Deer show this year. The display was mostly 9V trains, with some Star Wars models. Some of the town models new at GETS this September were shown, such as Michel's banks and Kolin's rock band stage, along with some older models and lots of trains. The display ran on standard Lego 9V train controllers.

Displaying at a show that is not just trains is a bit different for NALUG, even though we aren't strictly a train club. About 2000 visitors attended during the 2 days of the show.

Train Yard and Industrial
Setup and Miscellaneous


These two videos are on this (slow) server:

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