NALUG at the First Lego League - January 23, 2010

NALUG members Blaine, John, Ian, Kolin and Tony attended this year's First Lego League event from 10am to 2pm, held again at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). Several other groups from local schools were also there, along with over a hundred visitors.

Omnibot (ADRM) is Blaine's robot with three wheels and three ultrasonic sensors - omnidirectional. The mobile crane is John's set #8421. The Star Wars Hailfire Droid is Blaine's Mindstorms NXT robot based on Lego Star Wars set #4481, with a working missile launcher added.

Backhoe with Hailfire droid and controlling joystick
Cranes and motorcyle
Ian operating the crane
Mobile crane boom and Hailfire droid
Mobile crane set #8421

Omnibot (ADRM)
Omnibot versus Mushi-mushi
LEGO Technic models
Three robots

Three robots video

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