Nalug's 2006 Display at Londonderry Mall

Here in Alberta, a weekend in February is made long by adding a "Family Day". For the weekend, NALUG was invited back to the Londonderry Mall to do a small display - there were other activities for the Family Day monday, but we were asked to be there for the whole weekend (February 18 - 20). Due to mixups and delays, we ended up with not much lead time for the display, and not many volunteers. But, it came out pretty good in the end.

Two of our Chris's provided a lot of the MOC stuff. Chris M. provided most of the town stuff and vehicles, and several nice scenes. Chris G. provided the raised area (not the houses - one is Chris M's and one is Jon's), about half of the train rolling stock, the train track, and a couple small structures. Steve brought bridges (one quickly built for the display) and rolling stock. Nadine brought Technic models and her Train Shed. Blaine brought his Technic and Mindstorms robots, and some aliens. Drew brought Lego train models and DCC to play with. Dean brought his heavy hauler rig. Jon brought his house, which is a model of his own real house.

The same folks did most of the display manning, with visits from other NALUG members over the weekend. The crowds were pretty good - as good as we've had at a mall display. The advertising the mall did helped on that. On Family Day, there were other events nearby - dressed up Star Wars fans, a petting zoo, a reptile display and face-painting. We held our own for visitors, except with the face painters - they had lineups from starting time till they left.


Looking towards the bridges and town
Side view
Long view showing bridges and Maersk ship
The town end

Some Details

A reversal of roles
Archaelogical dig
Abstract art in town
Ice cream stand
A busy alient

Alien architecture
Display of various sets and MOCs
Mushimushi versus the Air Claw
WWI planes
Closeup of Mushimushi
Club containers

Display of several newer sets
Raised town from the rear
Purple warehouse
View of some industrial stuff
End view of raised town

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