Nalug's Northgate Mall Display

On Saturday and Sunday, June 28 & 29 2003, Nalug put on a quick display in the big atrium (hot sun coming in through skylights!) in Northgate Mall in Edmonton. Here are Chris's raw pictures from that display.

Track plan

Due to problems with the tables supplied not being the size that was expected, we were not able to execute the actual track plan. Things had to get shrunk somewhat. On Friday night the setup crew left things sort-of OK, but not really corresponding to Andrew's design. He fixed that Saturday morning, but things are still somewhat cramped.

Friday Setup Pictures

Saturday Pictures

Pictures from Above


Several of these in the mall
A couple of these out on the street

Sunday Pictures

On Sunday morning Kevin changed the track behind the city to add a siding (running on the roadplates!). This was to allow some experiments with running two DCC trains on the same loop, one in each direction, using the pair of passing sidings for - passing! It worked OK, but you need more space to do it better, and you also should have two engineers, each running just their own train, rather than one person trying to run two at once. A few minor (hah!) incidents occurred - others took pictures of some of those.

Bigger Pictures (1280x1024)

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