A NALUG Display at Londonderry Mall

On the weekend of May 24 and 25, 2003, NALUG put on a small display at the Londonderry Mall in Edmonton. At their request, a castle theme was the main part of the display, which allowed us to re-use James' and Raven's castle and Andrew's siege army. This time, however, Andrew's army had much more time to soften up the castle! He built a functional trebuchet (a medieval siege weapon) that hurled Lego bricks and rocks at the castle during a game of Brick Battles. James did not lose as many men as Andrew did, but his castle was about to be overrun at the end of the weekend. (The black tape on the castle is damage markers.)

One of our new members, Mark Kuipers, had built a number of larger-scale agricultural machines and semi-trailers, which he was eager for us to see. He was able to fill two tables with fine models (many of us missed him actually moving the two grain silos from one table to another!). He demonstrated a functional excavator that used a cordless drill-powered pneumatic pump.

Near the children's play area were more tables with a variety of models. Another new member, Tony Rodriguez, brought along some of his Star Wars models to make a small snowfield display. Al Pankratz built a grey castle tower that was hinged to get a view of the interior. And, a few of us contributed a small number of other assembled Lego sets to show folks. Most of these were large Technic sets. Finally, of course, James impressed us with his Lego sphere.

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